our process

We believe we offer our clients the most thorough, detailed and professional weighing consultation on the market.

We have no time limit with our appointments and often spend 3+ hours with our clients ensuring that no stone is left unturned in making sure that not only their compliance numbers are covered off but also their balance, safety and setup is as good as it can be.

We take the time to ensure clients understand the weighing process and the impact on their individual setup of changes that either need to be made or are made as part of travelling & using your caravan (eg water useage).

What we focus on:

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keeping you and your family safe is our priority

Our process includes not only weighing your vehicle, combination or trailer/boat/caravan, but we will actively check and advise on other compliance, safety and car/caravan checks.


A critical part of the weighing process is the level of your trailer/caravan/boat.  If what you are towing is not level, either “nose down” or “nose up”, this can often materially impact the towball download as well as axle weights and balance (front to rear axle weight split on a dual axle).  Further, it can also have a significant impact in turn on your vehicles GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) and Rear Axle compliance.

We always check every clients level and if changes are recommended, we will show you the impact on your particularly setup of a suggested alteration.  We will provide you with updated reports (variations) for recommended changes to be made and show you the impact on towball download and axle weights.

We also stock (Territory Weigh Darwin only) replacement tow hitches, so we can in most cases alter and fix any issues with your trailer/boat/caravan level on the day whilst you are on the scales.

We believe that our clients should only pay for a weighing consultation ONCE!  Therefore, our aim is to do everything we can ON THE DAY, to get you compliant numbers wise, or get your balance and setup as on point as it can be.

If need be, we will assist you in removing gear, contents or fixtures from your van (or alternatively moving gear within the van or to the tow vehicle) in order to achieve your compliance objectives on the day, while you are on the scales. Again, we will provide you with updated reports (variations) for alterations made so you know the impact of those changes AND have a physical record of them.


We won’t AND don’t just say to you “you need to remove 100kgs of gear” or “you need to move 100kg’s of gear from one side of your van to the other”.  We DO IT with you while you are on the scales, as more often than not, these alterations are not that straight forward, as there are often many factors at play here such as towball download effect, suspension effect and infrastructure weight and layout of a caravan.

With EVERY caravan weigh that we undertake, we also re-weigh the caravan with it’s water tanks empty.  Water is THE single biggest weight in any caravan and in turn, the impact that water has on the towball download and axle weights is often significant.  We will also provide advice as to which water tanks are to be used first as often clients ask us how they should travel with respect to water in their vans.

All our reports provide our clients with detailed axle numbers, not only on the caravan but updated numbers in respect of your vehicle as a result of any towball download adjustment.