Weights Calculator and Advice
Are you considering upgrading your vehicle with accessories?
Do you want to know if you can fit a boat or a particular accessory to your setup?
Are you looking at buying a new vehicle and or caravan to travel Australia?
Are you totally confused with what all the acronyms mean and what applies to you?
Then our weights calculator and or advice service is for you!

We offer our clients an advice service, either in person, over email, phone or Zoom whereby we can discuss your personal situation and provide measured and tailored advice to your particular circumstances in respect of:

  • Advice on most suitable tow vehicle for your circumstances
  • Advice on suitability of caravan for your circumstances
  • Comparison of one or more vehicles or caravans and advice on suitability
  • Factoring in to your current or future weights & setup a particular addition or acquisition
  • Advice on anything towing, weight, compliance or road safety related
  • Advice relating to what the acronyms and compliances mean in plain English

We are able to factor in your actual specific weights and or estimated weights of accessories into our weights calculator and provide you with a detailed report so you know whether the particular vehicle or caravan/trailer/boat is right for you!

We also offer a discount to any client who ultimately buys a tow vehicle and or caravan and utilises our advice/weights calculator service and then engages us to weigh their setup prior to travelling in respect of their combination weigh.

We also offer an advice service where you can consult with us either via email, phone or Zoom and discuss anything weights related.  We have an extensive database of tow vehicle numbers and can discuss and compare compliance numbers for various makes and models.  So, if you are considering a new vehicle or caravan we can provide you with all the numbers so you can make the right decision BEFORE you buy!