Do Not Overtake Sign 400x150mm (NSW only)




We stock and sell various “Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle” signs which can be used on your caravan and or boat setup.

With over 65% of the caravan/boat combinations we have weighed in over 2 years now (that are greater than 7.5 metres) not having one of these signs displayed, it’s more common than you think and the vast majority of caravan manufacturers DO NOT include them as standard when you buy your caravan!

It’s important to understand that it is NOT compulsory and not a legal requirement for your caravan/boat/trailer combination to have one of these stickers. However, in short (& there is a lot more to the legalities than meets the eye), if your vehicle or combination is 7.5m or longer in length and you straddle another lane whilst turning, then if you have one of these stickers displayed, other vehicles need to give way to you.

There are different requirements re these signs for different states in Australia (particularly NSW) in respect of sizes.

Our signs are fully compliant and it’s important to note that a number of these types of signs being sold are not compliant as they do not have certain compliant information printed on them.

Also, the sign must be displayed correctly on the back of your caravan/trailer/boat. Namely, it must be positioned on the left hand side, within 0 – 500mm and within 400mm – 2 metres high.


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