BOS 473-003 50mm 3 Rib Long Jockey Unit Kit


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Kit includes

  • 010-062 Swivel Base Plate (HDFR) Nylon
  • 020-003 Handle 12mm (HDFR) Nylon
  • 020-007 Bos 12mm Drill Attachment
  • 020-026 120mm Extension & Lynch Pin
  • 370-COVER Jockey Weather Cover




  • Easy to lift your drawbar up using drill or handle
  • Longer travel option for higher drawbars
  • Add extra length with pipe extensions
  • Leave it on while you travel
  • Will fit most 50mm clamp systems
  • OR add a BOS mounting & 50mm clamp system to your RHS
  • 360×30° swivel base plate will adjust to uneven ground
  • Wide range of quality wheel options
  • Individual Unit Weight: 5.5kgs
  • Shipping Size: 60x 26x 16x 7.2kgs

Ideal For

  • All types of vans and trailers for stability
  • Ball weights of up to 1800kg
  • Larger vans and trailers that have no use for a wheel
  • Best suited for single clamps, or the bos clamping system


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